For the high life celebrator, PinchTwist delivers elevated event + special occasion balloon installation!
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Alicia R.

Dana is very responsive, personable, and customized my order for my mom's birthday! I love this creative way to make someones day!! Also loved the designed of my balloon arch for my wedding shower!! So perfect!



Brand Positioning


For the high life celebrator, PinchTwist delivers elevated event and special occasion balloon installations to assist our clients in celebrating your unrivaled life moments intentionally, in noteworthy and unmatched appearance.

Brand Personality

PinchTwist's identity is built on welcoming, bubbly, and enthusiastic brand that outreaches to meet you where you are, while actively use creative strategies to fit into the client's budget and event space! 

Target Market

Our target market lives for that "all out" celebratory crowd. If you value life-giving, being-present-experience of a special occasion, then we will be a perfect match!

The story behind the name

PinchTwist was born out of a personal need to create additional income (and much needed happiness) after a heartbreaking divorce in early 2019.


as a spiritual person, I, grounded myself in faith that year and the constant words on my brain to help me stay far from bitterness was

"this is just a "plot twist."

When the idea of developing a goofy hobby of mine into an additional stream of income, I started scouring for the right name.


"PinchTwist" struck me, as you take a long balloon and put a twist in it that is the start of helping you make something fun, new, and extraordinary.


Coincidentally that was exactly what I was doing with my entire life at the time.

After playing around with the name, it stuck, and there began PinchTwist Balloon design.

"PinchTwist" sounded way to much like "Plot Twist" for me not to see the two terms as the same meaning.